JOURNAL!!!! Embarassing how long it took me to center this...

my face hurts

the face in question

stings. i wanted to look at another css course but at least i finished the beginner course.
I will be choking browser cache in my sleep, stop making me frustrated please

this isnt really a journal entry just look at this i think it looks nice (2/6/23)

Sublime is spoiling me so much lol, I keep making silly mistakes cuz sublime just does it automatically for me...

I wanna make a scroll box for this page for this but lemme be patient and keep practicing messing around w div boxes, like do i code in an emoji JDKLSA

I will have smarter thoughts i will start thinking i swear but for now..... L gif i found (god bless) ok nevermind the divs not diving and i dont know what i did cuz nothing looks wrong?
Probably some comma i put somewhere or smth but ugh. back to the course
Update: I just copy pasted some css i did before that worked and it still worked for this one, and i coudlnt figure out what was wrong with my original code so idk?????? hope I dont make the same msitake again whatever it fucking was...

Just learned about this website and I dont know im incredibly amazed...does this change everything? probably not. Is it so so cool adn im so happy it exists? yea. look at this


Im just coding just to code cuz ive been a bit preocuppied, hi hello, lets see if me putting this under class section 4 will do what iw ant it to do but if not, thats ffine too... Click on the guitar for another good song As you can see: still a noob but im loving neocities more and more. people are so talented *__* TESTING THE WORD WRAP hjkfdslhfjkdhsjfk;dhsjfk;hjkg;bjks;gbjks;bgjk; ganjfka;gbjk;bgnjk;bnjgkbjgk; (unsuccesful)